Del. no. Deliverable title Dissemination level * Month of delivery  
D1.1 Kick-off meeting PP May 11  
D2.1 First consortium workshop PP May 11  
D9.1 Opening of project website PU Jun 11  
D1.3 Quality assurance plan PP Sept 11  
D2.2 1st EUCROSS Working Paper: State of the art report PU Sept 11 download
D9.2 Dissemination Plan PP Sept 11  
D3.1 2nd EUCROSS Working Paper: Operationalisation document CO Nov 11 download
D4.1 Second consortium workshop PP Dec 11  
D4.2 EUCROSS questionnaire CO Jan 12  
D9.3 3rd EUCROSS Working Paper: 'Transnational Practices and European Identity: from Theoretical to Policy Issues’ PU Mar 12 download
D9.4 First press release on EUCROSS activities PU Mar 12  download
D5.1 EUCROSS dataset CO Sept 12  
D9.5 4th EUCROSS Working Paper: ‘Measuring Transnational Behaviours and Identities’ PU Sept 12  download
D6.1 Third consortium workshop PP Dec 12  
D6.2 EUMEAN guideline and template CO Dec 12  
D9.6 First policy brief: 'Winners and Losers? Citizens and Sceptics? European Integration and the Spread of Cosmopolitanism' PU Mar 13 download
D9.7 Second press release on EUCROSS activities PU Mar 13 download 
D9.8 5th EUCROSS Working Paper: ‘Navigating the European Space: Physical and Virtual Forms of Cross-Borders Mobility among EU Citizens’ PU May 13 download 
D9.9 6th EUCROSS Working Paper: ‘Europeanisation and Globalisation’ PU May 13 download 
D7.1 EUMEAN data transcriptions CO Jun 13  
D7.2 EUMEAN data translations CO Jul 13  
D9.10 8th EUCROSS Working Paper: ‘Romanians’ Social Transnationalism in the Making’ PU Nov 13 download 
D9.11 7th EUCROSS Working Paper, 'Cross-Border Activities and Transnational Identification of Turkish Migrants in Europe’ PU Nov 13 download 
D8.1 EUCROSS full data analysis CO Dec 13  
D8.2 EUMEAN full data analysis CO Dec 13  
D9.12 Second policy brief: Are Cross-Border Practices a Threat to Democratic Participation among EU Citizens? PU Dec 13  download
D9.13 EC-dedicated workshop PP Dec 13  
D9.14 Third press release on EUCROSS activities and findings PU Mar 14  download
D9.15 EUCROSS and EUMEAN public datasets PU Mar 14  
D9.16 Final conference PU Mar 14 program 
D9.17 Final report PU Mar 14 download
D9.18 Final website (with all project-generated materials) PU Mar 14  

* Dissemination Level:
  • PU = Public
  • PP = Restricted to other programme participants (including the Commission Services).
  • CO = Confidential, only for members of the consortium (including the Commission Services).