To examine the relationship between the manifold activities of EU residents (nationals, mobile EU citizens, and third-country nationals) across the borders of nation states and their collective identities, the EUCROSS project will:

  • map out individuals’ cross-border practices as an effect of European integration and globalisation;
  • assess the reciprocal relationships between cross border practices and collective identifications.

The analysis will be sustained by the collection of two sets of data in the six research countries (Italy, Germany, Denmark, Spain, United Kingdom, Romania) through:

the EUCROSS survey, computer assisted telephone interviews on a sample of 8.500 individuals:

  • Nationals: 1000 cases sampled in all 6 countries;
  • EU citizens abroad (Romanians): 250 cases sampled in 5 countries (UK, DE, DK, IT, ES);
  • Third-country nationals (Turks): 250 cases sampled in 5 countries (UK, DE, DK, IT, RO).

the EUMEAN survey, 160 in-depth interviews on a sub-sample of respondents from the EUCROSS survey:

  • 30 interviews each in Denmark, Germany, Italy, and the UK (10 to nationals, 10 to Romanians, 10 to Turks);
  • 20 interviews each in Spain (10 to nationals, 10 to Romanians) and Romania (10 to nationals, 10 to Turks), where we only have one subsample of immigrants.

Research activities of the EUCROSS project have been then defined in workpackages (WP 2-8) with the goals of:

  • giving theoretical and methodological support to the surveys (WP 2)
  • designing the surveys' tools (WP 3, WP 4, WP 6)
  • implementing the surveys (WP 5, WP 7)
  • reaping findings with the analysis of collected data (WP 8)

The project also includes two workpackages for:

  • the management of the project (WP1)
  • the results dissemination (WP9)
EUCROSS Workpackages and leading teams:
Number Title Leading team
1 Project management Università di Chieti
2 State of the art Aarhus Universitet
3 Operationalisation of key concepts University of York
4 EUCROSS survey design GESIS - Leibniz Institut für Sozialwissenschaften
5 EUCROSS survey implementation GESIS - Leibniz Institut für Sozialwissenschaften
6 EUMEAN survey design Institut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals
7 EUMEAN survey implementation Universitatea din Bucuresti
8 Data analysis Institut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals
9 Dissemination and exploitation Università di Chieti